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Tanjariné Kitchen was established with the view to providing a culinary platform that seeks to demonstrate the delicious delight that the whole-foods, cruelty free and healthy plant based food could be. As an Afro Vegan restaurant, we consider our outfit a potent instrument for animal rights advocacy. While practically proving that vegan foods do not necessarily have to be bland, we seek to motivate people transitioning from the non-vegan diet to stay on the plant based food by offering tasty and healthy vegan meal options; making vegan delicious!

Our mouth watering cuisines are inspired by the culinary traditions of Africa; from the horn of Africa to the Cape of the continent.

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Tanjariné Kitchen Gallery

Food for the Soul

When we lovingly and cheerfully cook a meal, it becomes a nourishment to both our body and soul. At Tanjariné Kitchen every meal is cooked in an environment of positive vibes, both physically and mentally, so that to our customers the meal becomes the medicine also.

The Okpo’s

Some of Our Favorites —


The Mandela Burger

This vegan burger is 100% soy free, high protein, prepared with all organic beans & whole food produce. Burger $10. Burger, baked curried potatoes w/ includes water or sparkling water $15.

The Marley Jolly Rice, Veggies & Mushroom Stew

Fresh herbs and spices savor this African inspired rice dish with infused veggies & mushroom $12. Rice, veggies & mushrooms, side of fried plantains & seasoned tofu with cultured vegetables $17

The Armstrong Shawarma Wraps

Delicious & Creamy Shawarma prepared with nutritious vegetables, herbs, spices and tofu. Half $8. Full $11.

Kemet Juice

Fresh Carrot, Lemon and Ginger Juice $8

Cush Juice

Fresh Cucumber, Apple and Spinach Juice $8

Alkbulan Hibiscus Nectar

Nourishing hibiscus nectar packed with antioxidants $4



Ali Steamed Beans Pudding & Sautéed Mixed Veggies

Savory steamed beans pudding & sautéed vegetables capturing the full essence of West African spices with cultured vegetables includes water or sparkling water $14.

Makeba Waina & Palm-Oil Stew

North African inspired mini rice cakes & delicious mushroom palm-oil stew with cultured vegetables includes water or sparkling water $17.

Fela Salad

Crisp mixed salad greens and fresh raw vegetables, nutritional yeast & topped w/ organic zesty garlic salad dressing, $10. Add Tofu $4.



La Croix


Vegan Jerky

Spicy & chunky vegan jerky that mimics meat but tastes better. Made with wheat gluten, hot spices and herbs (contains peanuts) $10.



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Closed Sundays



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