The Tanjariné Kitchen journey continues with your support...

Nothing gives so much joy and fulfillment as giving service while doing what one loves to do with a passion. Tanjariné Kitchen started business in October, 2018. Expectedly, we have had a fair share of the ups and downs associated with entrepreneurship. Even though, the journey has been exciting, especially with the positive feedback we have been receiving from our many satisfied customers, it hasn’t been easy. One of those seemingly insurmountable challenges was losing our mobile kitchen at a time that the vegan community had warmly accepted our humble culinary creations and had become very supportive. However, we have resolved to keep moving forward, one step at a time- doing pop-ups and catering services, while we raise funds to equip our new truck. Accordingly, we graciously call upon our friends, well-wishers and family to kindly support our efforts, so that we can keep serving delicious vegan meal options to the community. You may wish to donate at

April Okpo