The Wait Is Almost OVER! Tanjariné Kitchen Will Be On A NOLA Corner Very Soon!

The Wait is Almost OVER

We are delighted to share some exciting news with you!

We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring amazing vegan food to you in the very near future! As we make certain all I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed, we want to share our rebranded logo and our relaunch date!


Yes, you heard it right October 6th! And guess what? We will be parked in Champions Square before, during and after the New Orleans Saints game!!!

Truly, we are honored to have had the support of so many of you during this time. Your love, support (emotionally and financially) have not gone unnoticed, your calls, visits to our pop ups, emails and texts have truly encouraged us to stay the course and forge forward. We promised you we’d be making vegan delicious and its because of you this is happening. To our dear family, none of this would have been possible without you! We love you Amy, Charles, Chris, John and Shannon! 

We look forward to seeing you all on the street corners of New Orleans and at your corporate & private events.


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April Okpo
The Tanjariné Kitchen journey continues with your support...

Nothing gives so much joy and fulfillment as giving service while doing what one loves to do with a passion. Tanjariné Kitchen started business in October, 2018. Expectedly, we have had a fair share of the ups and downs associated with entrepreneurship. Even though, the journey has been exciting, especially with the positive feedback we have been receiving from our many satisfied customers, it hasn’t been easy. One of those seemingly insurmountable challenges was losing our mobile kitchen at a time that the vegan community had warmly accepted our humble culinary creations and had become very supportive. However, we have resolved to keep moving forward, one step at a time- doing pop-ups and catering services, while we raise funds to equip our new truck. Accordingly, we graciously call upon our friends, well-wishers and family to kindly support our efforts, so that we can keep serving delicious vegan meal options to the community. You may wish to donate at

April Okpo
Tanjariné Kitchen joins the 25th Anniversary Essence Festival lineup!

It’s official, Tanjariné Kitchen is delighted to announce we have been selected to be an official Essence Eats vendor! The community will come together to celebrate 25 years of excellence in music and arts for Essence’s “party with a purpose”! 

In just one week, you can find Tanjariné Kitchen serving our highly nutritious and delectable handcrafted Mandela Burger and other Afro Vegan delights on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at Louis Armstrong park from 12p-8pm. We are excited to be a part of this inaugural event featuring exceptional music artists, Common, Big Freedia, Tonya Boyd Cannon and many more!!! 

As the community embraces a healthier diet, we continue to focus on providing highly nutritious meals that challenge the norm. Your palate will thank you for trying Tanjariné Kitchen because when we lovingly and cheerfully cook a meal, it becomes a nourishment to both our body and soul. At Tanjariné Kitchen every meal is cooked in an environment of positive vibes, both physically and mentally, so that to our customers the meal becomes the medicine also.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon! Learn more…

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April Okpo